2020/21 World Tour Bundle - Amber & Onyx

2020/21 World Tour Bundle - Amber & Onyx

Available for rental in Canada, USA and select countries
Price: $28 USD | Duration: 4 hrs | 14 day rental period once you start viewing
Film Descriptions
Amber Program
Onyx Program

Enjoy two unique curated programs of films selected from the 2020 Banff Centre Mountain Film & Book Festival.

2020/21 World Tour Bundle - Amber & Onyx

5 Videos

  • 2020-21 World Tour Trailer

    The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour is coming to a location near you. For dates, locations, and a list of films on tour go to https://www.banffcentre.ca/banffmountainfestival/tour

    Learn more about Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity:
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  • Behind the Scenes - World Tour Trailer

    Every year the audio department is working hard on the newest version of the Banff Mountain Film Festival & Tour Trailer, bringing Jacques Blackstone's iconic soundtrack to live.

  • World Tour Host Greetings - San Diego, USA

  • 2020/21 World Tour - Amber Program

    Films / Start Time:
    0:00:00 The Legend of Tommy G
    0:07:19 The Elder (The Winter)
    0:19:04 Tempo. Movement in Mountains
    0:25:33 Climbing Blind
    1:12:00 Intermission / World Tour Contest
    1:17:13 Slack Sisters
    1:23:18 Natural Mystic
    1:28:50 Imagine
    1:41:24 Return to El Guayas
    2:13:44 The Secr...

  • 2020/21 World Tour - Onyx Program

    Available for Rental in Canada, USA, and select other countries.
    Price: $15 USD

    Films / Start Time:
    0:01:03 Charge 2
    0:06:13 Where I Belong
    0:15:48 Far Far Est
    0:25:38 Running the Roof (Tour Edit)
    1:13:06 Intermission / World Tour Contest
    1:17:48 Voice Above Water
    1:31:38 Madman Trails of Bhutan...